Sn plating and SnBi (plating for semiconductors)

Tin plating is a plating technology that imparts characteristics such as rust prevention, solderability, and electrical conductivity, and is used to improve the functionality of semiconductors and electronic components.

We use pure tin plating and tin-bismuth alloy plating to provide appropriate plated products based on the application and purpose of the product.
We also have various automatic plating equipment which enables mass production with stable quality,
such as rackless continuous plating equipment, barrel plating equipment, rack plating equipment, etc.

Delamination free process

Our delamination free process is a deburring process that enables the improvement of conventional alkaline immersion electrolytic deburring.
Our delamination free process has been highly evaluated and adopted by recent automotive customers.

Wet blasting

Water jet

Delamination free

Sn/SnBi rack typed plating line

Sn/SnBi, Sn rackless plating line

SnBi rackless plating line



Thermosetting resin deburring line Product Number of machines Spec.
Delamination free Strips 2 L/F size 300×350㎜
Deflash Strips 2 L/F size 350×450㎜
Deflash Barel 1 L/F size 137×22㎜
Alkaline dip Strips 2 L/F size 350×450㎜
High pressure WJ Strips 2 L/F size 250×80㎜ Pres. 30MPa
Low pressure WJ Strips 3 L/F size 250×80㎜ Pres. 15MPa
Wetbrasting Strips 3 L/F size 250×78㎜


Plating Line Product Number of mchines Spec.
SnBi #OR1 Strips 1 L/F 80㎜
Sn #OR2 Strips 1 L/F 80㎜
Sn/SnBi #OR3 Strips 1 L/F 100㎜
Sn Barrel 1 L/F 137㎜
Sn/SnBi rack #YS2 Strips 1 L/F 300㎜
SnBi Barrel Barrel 1 L/F 137㎜