CFRTP Plating Process (Material: Carbon + Thermoplastic Resin)

CFRTP has the same lightweight and high-strength properties as thermosetting CFRP, and because thermoplastic resin is used as the base resin, it is recyclable, excels in mass production, is easy to post-process, and is cost effective.

With our plating technology, it is possible to give CFRTP a decorative or a functional surface such as high thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, and rust prevention.

Proposal Example: Adding High Value to CFRTP.
Improvement of Functionality and Appearance Quality by plating

CFRTP has high vibration-damping characteristics (characteristics that suppress vibration), and when used as a speaker cover, you can enjoy clear sound quality without blurring.

By applying our plating process to the speaker cover to give it a metallic appearance, we contribute to improving the appearance quality.
In addition, surface treatment enhances weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications.