Quality & Environmental Policy (ISO)

Suzuki High-Tech, inc. acquired the international environmental standard ISO14001 on April 2001 and the international quality assurance standard ISO9001 on December 2003. In the 21st century where technological innovation is progressing at a dizzying pace, we will continue to promote quality and product development activities that are environmentally friendly and satisfy our customers.

Certification standard ISO14001:2015
Certification body Intertek Certification Japan Ltd.
Certification number 11470
First registration April 27, 2001

Certification standard ISO9001:2015
Certification body Intertek Certification Japan Ltd.
Certification number 11426
First registration December 26, 2003




Reliability through tireless efforts

We will continue to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction through our tireless efforts.
In order to gain reliability, we will work on quality improvement and global environmental conservation with all employees.

Quality policy

1. Efforts for high quality and technical capabilities to provide customer satisfaction.

2. Efforts to improve production efficiency and production with stable profitability.

3. Efforts to create a clean and safe workplace through thorough implementation of 5S.

Environmental policy

1. At all stages of surface treatment production activities, we value harmony with natural environment and local communities, and conduct prevention activities against environmental pollution and environmental conservation activities.

2.We will set objectives and targets to the extent technically and economically feasible, review them, and strive to prevent pollution and continually improve the following terms.
(1) Reduction of use of harmful chemical substances
(2) Reduction of energy consumption
(3) Waste reduction
(4) Recycling

3.In addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations, local government ordinances and other requirements to which we agree, we will set voluntary management standards and strive to improve management.

Suzuki High-Tech, Inc.
President and Representative Director, Kazunori Suzuki
Enacted: 6th edition June 1, 2020