Biomimetics to open up a sustainable society

Biomimetics is the use of physicochemical methods to elucidate and imitate the nature of the unique functions of various organisms.

It is a technology that we are trying to make use of in new manufacturing.

Our proprietary three-dimensional microstructure processing technology enables the imitation of biological-specific functions.

The world of biomimetics realized by Suzuki High-Tech

Using our proprietary microstructure processing technology, we realize structures with unprecedented functionality in the submicron range, and support the advancement and practical application of biomimetics innovation.

Microfabrication example of our biomimetics

①Microfabrication example of microlens that mimics moth-eye
The moth-eye structure, which mimics the eye of a moth, is capable of multi-function such as non-reflection and super water repellency.

②Example of microfabrication that mimics the legs of Ligia exotica
Bumps and dips structure that mimics the legs of Ligia exotica enables non-powered channel design for controlling water repellency and hydrophilicity.

Research and technology development

As a general surface treatment manufacturer founded in 1914, we have performed plating treatment of electronic parts and automobile parts. Based on the plating technology for a wide range of products such as the automobile industry, medical, aerospace, semiconductors, and consumer products, we are good at developing new plating and plating processes for difficult-to-plating materials.
In addition to the selection and design of plating that matches the customer's application, we propose a process that focuses on mass production quality and cost from the prototype stage.
Since we can evaluate plating in a form close to mass production in our company, it is possible to provide specifications as desired.

Selected for FY2022 "R&D Support Program for Growth-oriented Technology SMEs (Go-Tech project)"

Development of biomimetic sheet by manufacturing technology of high aspect ratio 3D nano/micro structure
As an effort to develop new materials and manufacturing technology, based on the concept of biomimetics, we have been researching new high-performance materials by elucidating the essence of biological functions using physicochemical methods and applying them.
In this project, we designed a water-repellent/hydrophilic directional flow channel with a surface microstructure that mimics the leg of Ligia exotica.
Using our new technology (MEMS/electroforming/molding), we will develop a large-area biomimetic sheet with an aspect ratio of 10 or more, and aim to put a non-powered liquid control system with an instantaneous liquid dispersion function into practical use. In the future, it is expected to be used as a safety measure to prevent malfunction of lidar sensors and millimeter-wave radars in self-driving vehicles in snowy and heavy rain environments, and to improve visibility accuracy when icing or condensation occurs on cameras and LED headlights.