Basic Policy on Information Security

Suzuki High-Tech, Inc. dedicate to provide customers with high quality products and technical expertise under the slogan 'become the standard’ in the surface treatment industry. In order to continuously provide products and services that satisfy our customers, we will protect our information assets in this advanced information society from threats such as accidents, disasters, and crimes, and to maintain customers and society's trust, we will ensure information security across the company through the implementation of the following basic policy.

1. Scope
The Information Assets covered by this Information Security Policy refer to any information obtained and known during our business activities, as well as all information held by our company during business operations. To ensure the safe management of this information assets, officers and all employees (employees, contract employees, and temporary employees) who handle it, as well as commissioned companies and their employees who handle our information assets, must comply.

2. Establishment of Information Security System and Security Policy
To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of its information assets, our company will establish the necessary management systems to maintain and improve information security, and implement, operate, and promote security measures.

3. Compliance with Laws and Various Norms
Our company comply with laws and regulations related to information security, national guidelines, customer requirements, other norms, and social order.

4. Implementation of Information Security Education
Our company consistently provides information security education to employees to handle the company's information assets correctly, and maintains a secure level for each employee.

5. Response to Incidents and Accidents
We will quickly respond to any information security incident or accident, investigate the cause, and take steps to prevent future incidents and accidents.

6. Information Security Tools and Measures
Our company keep the firewall security software application up-to-date to keep computer viruses and other threats from entering our system. In addition, to prevent data loss due to external attacks such
as computer viruses, we protect data by performing backups.

Date of enactment : July 7th, 2022
Suzuki High-Tech, Inc.
Representative Director & President Suzuki Kazunori