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Determination and action:
We will contribute to society with our surface treatment technology and environmental technology.

Our company celebrated its 100th anniversary, and now, based on the technology we have accumulated over the past 100 years, we are challenging a wide range of fields that will lead the 21st century. Today, the world is expanding globally, and we are entering a ubiquitous era in which information is exchanged bi-directionally via the internet. As a result, our society became mature society, and the value of things and the living environment have changed significantly. In addition, people's way of life and way of thinking are becoming more spiritually enriched and efforts to protect the irreplaceable global environment are being pursued, and there is a need to build a resource-recycling society.

In addition to conventional surface treatment technology, plating technology has become an indispensable technology in the electronics field, such as computers, mobile phones, and automobile electronic devices, and has become a key technology for the development of these devices. Because plating deposits one atom by giving one electron, it is a technology that can form various new functional materials and microstructures by artificially stacking atoms or molecules, and it is also an important technology that is indispensable for responding to "nanotechnology".

In recent years, manufacturing in Japan has reached a turning point, and many changes happened in various fields. In order to respond to these changes, we have adopted the slogan "scrap and build" along with technological innovation. In accordance with this slogan, we are working on new businesses such as the electrification of next-generation vehicles and the surface treatment of parts for low fuel consumption, while consolidating and reorganizing existing businesses. We also support plating of new materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). As new manufacturing based on plating technology, we are also challenging research and development in future growth fields such as medical and healthcare fields using MEMS and precision electroforming technology.

We will continue to make efforts to play a central role in electronic products, automobile-related equipment, and industrial equipment with our unique surface treatment technology and environmental technology. We would like to ask for your continued support and patronage as we continue to "challenge".